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the daryl dixon meme — favorite episodes (1/4)

Say the Word, Season 3

Arya Appreciation Week: Day Three - Favourite Relationship
↳ Arya and Gendry

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Lost re-watch | 6x11 | Happily Ever After

And just as I’m about to be engulfed by it, I open my eyes, and this sodding idiot is standing there…asking me if I’m okay. But I saw it. Just for a moment, I saw what it looked like.

You were the boy, weren’t you - the servant boy who got us out? You saved her life and mine and you restored her to me. Yet you want no reward. Not anymore. Why the change of mind? it was more a change of heart.


"I don’t accept that."

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Outlander | Scenery

101 “Sassenach”

Outlander :: 1.01 Sassenach

"Your friend Faraday said that you were from the future. I need to know if he was telling the truth."

"Dude, that’s ridiculous."